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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete

I stopped using it! I purchased it because I enjoy the new meter
technology and
thought its database functions were ideal for how I like to manage my
However, I found the same things you did. It would read much lower than
Profile and I knew the readings were not correct. One day I had a
reaction and
the Complete read 47 while the profile read 59. Well, my blood sugar was

obviously too low, but 47 and 59 are rather different. I didn't feel 47
I usually see spots under 55. Other times it would read above the
Profile, but
it was consistenly lower...sometimes in a different treatment range.

Now, we are told never to compare meter to meter, but I believe my
Profile. I
checked both meters against my doctors big red meter (the name escapes
me, but
it uses a glass-like collection strip and is supposed to be close to lab

results). The Profile was within 2 points, while the Complete was off by
10. It
was within 15%, but...

When I tried my second box of strips, I had a bad code key. That is a
failure rate. I let the Accuchek people know and the reply was "It
sometimes and we'll replace the key whenever that happens." I rely on
meter 24
hours a day. Do I have to check code keys before I leave the house with
a new
box because the old box has only two strips left. I never had that kind
problem with the Profile and it has been in my kit for quite some time
dropped, not cleaned well, and used quite a bit.

In my humble opinion, the Complete is a good data management system, but
not a
reliable meter.


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