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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete

At 09:14 PM 6/12/98 -0700, Sam was writing about his Accu Chek Complete:

I don't compare the readings with another meter, because the comparison
will never be valid. Actually I will sometimes compare, but I never attempt
to draw any conclusions from the readings.

BTW, there's an interesting letter in this month's Diabetes Forecast "Mail
Call" column, stating the concern of some health care professionals that
some meters are now changing from "whole blood" calibration to "plasma"
calibration. The concern is that patients have become accustomed over the
years to making adjustments in their management routines based on the
"whole blood" results from their meters. Changing to plasma calibration now
requires re educating the patient and in some cases, modifying the limits
at which changes in routine are made. (this is a recap of the letter - I'm
still not sure how I feel about this).

>I've also had two strips (out of 10) rejected with a "bad strip" message.
>That's a pretty high percentage. I called the company hot line and all they
>would say is: "if the test solutions test correctly, then the meter is
>accurate". It is interesting that the test solutions for both meters say
>the meters are working correctly. I've also called the sales rep, but no
>reply yet. 

I just returned mine for an exchange, for this reason. I had 5 strips from
two consecutive vials rejected. I noticed this happened when I waited "a
while" before applying the blood to the strip. The test would complete, but
then I'd get this Bad Strip message. The drop of blood was always applied
within the allowable time limit, but always after waiting for quite a while
(typical reasons, such as misplaced the cotton ball to blot my finger,
missed getting a good drop of blood, etc). This didn't happen if I applied
the blood within approx. 15 seconds of the meter indicating it was ready
for the sample.

I called Roche Diagnostics and they had not heard of this problem before
(go figure ;-)). They quizzed me about my technique, did I know what I was
doing, etc., then finally stated they want to look at my meter. I had a
replacement (full kit) the following day. (Federal Express totally
destroyed the shipping box in transit, though). So far, I have not seen the
problem again, but I'm also returning the latest vial of strips along with
the meter. Sometimes the lot of strips can be an issue. FWIW, the strips I
was using had a code of 520.

I'm mailing the original meter back today, hope to know in the next couple
weeks what the cause of the problem is, or whether this is just a quirk of
the meter's personality ;-) I'll try to remember to let you know what they

Bob Burnett

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