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[IP] Thanks and an Explanation!


I just want to express my appreciation for the notes, caring and prayers
that were sent my way recently.

As many of you may know, I was in a Diabetic Coma in mid-May.  I am
still recovering from that.  To top things off, I was rushed to the ER
again last Saturday night (June 6) for what was thought to be a heart
attack.  After about 6 hours of various tests, the Docs decided that I
have a severe case of Pleurisy -- very painful.  While I was in the ER,
my BG bottomed out and had the nurses running to keep me from passing

As far as the venting about the Endo, I solved that one too -- I fired
him on Wednesday!  I will be starting all over again at square one
looking for a new Endo.

I'm still frustrated but I'm dealing with it.  The BG still isn't what
it should be.  Hopefully I will soon get that under control, too.

Again, thanks.


	... Sue  :-)

		If your Bible is in good shape ...
		Your life probably isn't!

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