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Re: [IP] hypo humor...:)

To Barbara, Sara, and the rest of those sharing the funny hypo
stories....Isn't it odd how angry we get and built-up resentment to someone
accusing us of being "LOW".  How dare they?  It's always the same.  I'm always
denying it and I'm always wrong (well almost always).  I once was cutting up
chicken parts with a very large, dangerous, sharp knife and I started mumbling
and swinging it around, not making any sense at all.  Of course the fact that
I could still become diaphoretic when low didn't clue me in because I insisted
it was hot as he****outside, not an insulin reaction.  What is wrong with all
these people?  Finally my husband forced me to sit down and drink orange
juice, but not until I was already so weak that I couldn't fight him off
anymore.   It's weird how similar our experiences have been.  It's been a
relief and fun to share this stuff...
Judy P.
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