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[IP] Hypo episode #9

Hello all,
    I'm back with more fun.  I've had a good laugh with these all these
stories I've been reading!!!!!  I think I am going to accept that
challenge of maybe collecting all these to write a book or
something...or the site Michael had suggested.  Anyway - ready for
episode # 9???
                                      #9 - Philly Fashion Show
The funny thing...my friend called yesterday to say she was sitting at
her dinner the other night and all of sudden just started laughing her
butt off remembering this...keep in mind this was at least 3 years
ago...I went to Philadelphia with my best friend to visit her family
(that is where she was from).  We were staying at her grandmother's
house.  I slept through the night and had ANOTHER lovely LOW during the
night.  Her whole family was downstairs already I remember hearing them
and thinking, "Oh, all the doughnuts are gonna be gone if I don't get
down there!!!"  I'm am totally out of it and am trying to find something
to put on since I only had a little t-shirt on and I wanted my damn
doughnuts!!!! Keep in mind my jogging pants and sweatshirt are on the
edge of the bed BUT in my doughnut craving frenzy couldn't find them!!
So I go digging through some closets and drawers and find some stuff
plus something for my feet because my feet were cold.  I start to walk
down the steps and all I can remember is my friend rolling on the
floor.  In the old philly houses they have all wooden floors...I clomped
my way down the steps with this god awful lacy frilly with this feather
collar nightgown thing on with my hair all swirled up in a clip with
these god forsaken highheel house shoes with these feathers on
them!!!!!  As I clomp down each step I pause and kind of model and try
not to fall on my butt and start singing, "Ms. America...here she
comes...Ms. America...isn't she beautiful...Ms. America..."  My friend
cracked three ribs that day laughing so hard!  I got my
doughnuts...finally and of course LOTS of O.J. !!!!!!!  I told you mine
were pretty good!
In a way this is truly one of those "you had to be there"  More to come!

                                                       -Tonya D.  :-)

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