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Re: [IP] Cataract Surgery

I had cataract surgery in 1993 and again on April 16th of this year.  My first
experience was by far the best.  The first doc gave me versed (sp?) which
wipes out all memory of what they are doing to you.  It was a wonderful
experience with no problems with blood sugars.   My surgery this year was very
different.  No versed.  I was given valium orally and about 15 minutes later
the doctor cam and gave me an injection in the eye to numb it.  That was
unbelievably painful.  So, ask your doctor how he will do it and what
anesthesia he uses.  I've never heard of them putting a person out for
cataract surgery.  Recovery the first time was a breeze.  This year's surgery
has not been good.  My vision is lousy and the doctor's first comment was "It
must be a problem with your diabetes"  GRRRR!  I hate that attitude.  , So,
like a "good" patient, I went and had an angiogram done to prove there was no
problem with my retina, even though the retina doc said it would be a waste of
my money.  I'm now waiting to see what the surgeon says when I go back to see
him.  I'm convinced he used the wrong implant on my cuz my distance vision is
lousy.  Sorry to go on so long, but this really has me ticked.
Cataract surgery should be a breeze.  Just ask your surgeon how he'll do it
and fully understand.  Good Luck.
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