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Re: [IP] hypo humor...:)

In a message dated 6/12/98 9:23:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted

<< In my "unawares" state, I answer him & come walking, dazed & looking just
 short of insane(!) - out of the bedroom...  COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, ENTIRELY
 N-A-K-E-D!  (Seems that with that bloodsugar of 29mg/dl, I had gotten quite
 hot!)  When husband Mark realizes what was about to happen, and with me
 just centimeters away from exposing myself to our local police dept - he
 yells at me through GRITTED teeth in the most menacing tone of voice he can
 muster - "GET BACK IN THE BEDROOM!"  And then runs for OJ and glucagon and
 glucometer, leaving the officers standing in the doorway.  I can only
 *IMAGINE* what those officers were thinking at the time!   >>

Delaine...this would make a good sit-com episode...or how about the "Hypo-
Sara...good writers here...who do you know??????  I can't stop laughing.  This
has been an entertaining evening, for sure.  (Not laughing at anyone....I
suspect I am often hypo in the AMs...when I look for milk in the closet, not
the fridge...when I forget to shut off the water in the bathroom at  3 am.
Probably only sleep walking though.)

Barbara B.

Barbara B.
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