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[IP] hypo humor...:)

		I have been truly "entertained" by the lighthearted look at those hypo's
that we all know all too well!  Can I add a story here?? :)  (this too was
in the pre-pump days, & was an "NPH-induced episode"..... get your
popcorn.. and don't forget to bolus!)  This was probably about 7 yrs ago -
my husband at the time was working 2nd shift & had gotten home well after
2am.  I had to be to work early AM (6:00) so we were often like ships
passing in the night, so to speak.  One morning, I had a severe hypo &
never woke up for work.  When I didn't arrive, everyone at work
(rehabilitation staff, patients, EVERYONE!) panicked <*thankfully*> - and
attempted to reach me via phone - no answer (husband asleep, phone off in
bedroom, me - "la la land"... right next to him in the bed, btw.)  My work
staff, being creative and becoming increasingly more paNICKED(!!),
attempted all available means to track down my husband (who, remember....
is still asleep next to me, and is completely OBLIVIOUS to events)!  They
reached the police station where my husband works, explained what they
thought might be happening, & asked to speak with HIM.  The station then
tries to track him down by contacting the police in the town where WE
live... who arrive at our door.  Both cars are in our driveway, so they
know we are home.  Ring doorbell multiple times, knock... and I mean
K-N-O-C-K(!) on multiple doors.  Finally a bleary eyed & still completely
OBLIVIOUS husband (who STILL hasn't noticed me in bed next to him) <I
know... I know... this has all kinds of
psychological/relationship/counseling/etc/etc ramifications to it, doesn't
it?? *LOL!!*>  Believe me, I was the brunt of the "you should wear
red-to-bed-maybe-he'll-notice-you" comments from nearly EVERYONE for months
after this! ;)

	Anyway..... the officers relay to husband that my workplace has called
looking for me - "& is everything all right?"  Husband (who still hasn't
woken up yet) says "She's at work." - Until he sees my car still in the
driveway, momentarily joins the panic(!)...  And then he yells upstairs for

	In my "unawares" state, I answer him & come walking, dazed & looking just
short of insane(!) - out of the bedroom...  COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, ENTIRELY
N-A-K-E-D!  (Seems that with that bloodsugar of 29mg/dl, I had gotten quite
hot!)  When husband Mark realizes what was about to happen, and with me
just centimeters away from exposing myself to our local police dept - he
yells at me through GRITTED teeth in the most menacing tone of voice he can
muster - "GET BACK IN THE BEDROOM!"  And then runs for OJ and glucagon and
glucometer, leaving the officers standing in the doorway.  I can only
*IMAGINE* what those officers were thinking at the time!  

	I came to my senses in the middle of the "WORST GLASS OF ORANGE
been forced to drink!  YUCK!  And, come to think of it, I *was* being
forced to drink it.  I think he was sitting on me actually.  I guess I had
also argued about the finger-prinks & BS... had yelled at him for yelling
at me, had insisted that the BS was wrong, and then, finally realizing what
was happening, asked him to "take that God-awful OJ away & get me a poptart
or something!"  (He's ruined OJ for me, to this day!)  :)

	Then I took a BS, a shower, & an injection & went to work (clothes ON) in
that order.  After all, I felt MUCH better!  Everyone else was a mess...
Mark had some explaining to do to the police after all that; not to mention
the entire two town area who heard the saga onfold on the police scanners
*LOL!!*  And me... I had many faces & hearts to thank that day - the day my
cardiac patients (and my nearly-cardiac-arrested husband) and a few
"almost-lucky" police officers saved my life...  ;)

-Delaine... who thankfully *stopped in time* because she would have NEVER
lived that one down!

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