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[IP] Cataract Surgery


You mentioned that you had cataract surgery.  I've been told that I have a
cataract, that is specifically related to diabetes and the numerous surgeries
I've had (laser and one Vitrectomy).  The cataract is in the right eye.  The
ophthalmologist also told me if you have one, you nearly always have one in
the other eye, and that I have a small one in the other eye.  She also
indicated that these cataracts are different than the ones you get as you age,
as they are very fast growing (fully mature in 2 years, as compared to the
ones you get as you age, taking a full 8 years).  Anyway, I'm told I'm looking
at surgery down the road.  When you had your surgery, did they put you out
completely?  I don't do well with anesthesia (blood pressure falls
dangeriously low and I experience Grand Mal seizures), so I'd like to avoid
being put out completely, if possible.  I see the MD that watches over my
Retinopathy in a week or so.  Any other info you could impart on the cataract
surgery would also be appreciated.  Thanks.

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