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Clap on, clap off, was: Re: [IP] Endos

At 06:59 PM 6/12/98 -0400, Barb wrote:


>I can't resist sharing this...  My mother had Type 2, was on insulin, and was
>fairly good at monitoring...but would periodically yell at her meter..."I
>didn't eat anything I shouldn't!!!"  ..." I didn't do anything wrong!!!"


Hmmmmmm....... Now, what if we hooked up one of those "Clappers" type
thingies to our meters, then connected one of these "new fangled meters" to
our pump. We'd check our BG, yell at the meter if things were not right,
and the meter would start a bolus, based on how loud we yelled. And who
says technology isn't grand ;-)

Now, for those who remember the Viagra thread ... this Clapper type of
technology could be extremely embarrassing at sporting events.

Bob Burnett

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