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Re: [IP] Laurie's endos

     Couldn't agree more...I think Gerri from Home Medical deserves a BIG
raise...She was the one who got us through Melissa's first weekend on the pump
when her ped endo's ego wouldn't allow her to admit that she knew next to
nothing!!!....As always folks, the "bottom line" is to be your own best
advocate...Learn, learn, learn & make sure your doc knows how well-informed
you are & that you want him working with you as a "team player"....The more
you know, the better "armed" you'll be to face the "unexpected"...That comment
about the woman & the car accident when her bg was 27 would've turned my hair
grey ( if I had any) BUT even though it was MAJORLY unsettling (and Melissa
read it over my shoulder), I'd still rather know that things like that COULD
happen than be blissfully ignorant!!

Regards, Renee
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