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[IP] how a low spell this am baby and i are ok

hi everyone i had a low spell about 8:30am and the bs was 35 was able to get
oj and call the dr she told me to rest  for the rest of  the day and call my
ob dr and i did and went to see him and he check the baby and he was doing
real good real active and i was real scard but iam ok now i feel bad but ok bs
at lunch was 71 some better and at 3pm was 142 that was much better being
pregnant and having a low spell  takes a lot of  me the dr said that the baby
was in no danger and i was the only one into trouble iam still not doing to
good now but iam some better i had one of my craying spell about 12:30 last
night thanks for your support i still need it i went to see lee and put some
flowers and just spent some time with him in sprit and in love if you can
please send me your e mail so i can let you how iam doing these last weeks and
if your able i will send you an instant messange but i need for you to send me
your add so i can let you know what is going on with me and the baby i will be
on the web to night for any one to send me an instant message i will bo on
around 7pm or so  lcarmic553 is mine  
                            love you all my GOD bless you 
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