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[IP] Laurie's endos

Laurie wrote:
> good job, and that there should not be so much flucuations in my tests!  I
am trying to keep the test in range, but I test and bolus to bring the test
down and it comes down, so now when I have a bad test, I don't record it for
the plain fact that she will tell me I'm a bad diabetic.

GRRRRR - i hate this doctor already - fire him!!  I also used to do this - not
write down the high tests, or the food I ate but shouldn't have.  It hides it
fromthe doctor - but not from me, and I am my own worst enemy.  I can tell my
doc I am eating good, testing good, and my HA1C may even come back at a fairly
decent level (it IS just an average after all, of ALL the highs and ALL the
lows and those few normal ones)...but the bottom line is, the doctor is really
the powerless, worthless part of the equation!

You write:
> is not a win win situation.  I don't know, but do any of you have tests that
run a perfect 120 (or whatever your # is) all day? 

NO WAY!!!  Right now I am doing the happy dance cuz I have managed to wake up
with good sugars for 2 weeks running - this means I am not SLEEPING with high
sugars all night, which is not so good.  My next goal is to figure out my
basal for that afternoon time when excess stress and an urge to snack tends to
make me go higher than I ought....but perfect?  no thanks...it is a waste of

you write: 
> I have tried eating the same meal, doing everything the same for three days,
two days of great #'s and then the 3 day is crazy.

Same with everyone else, honey!  I eat a bagel and cream cheese EVERY day for
lunch.  same store, same brand, slight fluctuations in the size of the bagel
and the flavor of cream cheese.  According to the "book" I should take 4.5
units of insulin for this thing.  Sometimes that is too much...and sometimes
it ain't...but then sometimes the moon is full and sometimes the Yankees lose
and sometimes I a m coming down with something and sometimes I have a horrible
deadline looming and sometimes it is that time of the month...sooooo what is
the answer?  keep glucose tabs handy and make sure there is insulin in the
pump so you can bolus as needed.  WHY ADD STRESS OF WORRYING WHAT STRESS OR

you write:
> supposed to see her in July, and then her receptionist called to say that
the appt was changed to a date in Aug., one I can't make.  I told her that,
and now the new date is Oct. 20!??  I think this lady is just toooooo busy,

Same thing just happened to me.  I called and wanted to see the nurse
educator...was told I had to see the doctor and he referred you to her.  I
don't need to see the doctor and have tests done etc...I JUST had them done
end of March I explain.."Well, that is the policy" I was told.  So I see the
doctor.  He says "I want you to see the nurse educator. and I will speak to
her to try and get you in as soon as possible."  He doesn't call, he doesn't
call, finally 2 weeks later, I call and ask if an appt has been made with the
nurse educator. "No, and she is booked until July."  well, dammit, I just
spent $190 for nothing!!!  I needed to see her THEN!  So, yesterday they call.
"we have an opening with Carolyn on such and such a date."  Well, I am already
scheduled for my kidney drug study that same week and cant ask for so much
time off work, so I tell em I cant make it.  So, I STILL haven't seen her.

So, basically Laurie...you are right on track - fire the doc now - don't put
up with crap!!!

*-)=B xoxx
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