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[IP] enough!

Tonya wrote:
i have gotten out of a few speeding tickets by saying my blood sugar was low
and I was trying to get to the nearest store!!!

not trying to piss anyone off or scare anyone, and I for one certainly believe
USING diabetes as an excuse should be exploited for as much mileage as we can
possibly get, BUT don't forget your responsibility...a woman I was in a show
with in Ft. Lauderdale was killed on her way to rehearsal one day, and she
killed the two people in the car she slammed into when she ran the red light.
Her blood sugar was 27.

If you are gonna drive, make sure you can.  There was a big falderal in Ft.
Lauderdale after this about diabetics even being allowed to drive and people
were suggesting they put those things in the car that keep it from starting
unless you do a bg test and it is within a certain range - kinda like they
wanna do for convicted drunk drivers.  I, for one, do not want my
constitutional rights infringed upon, but I can also see their point.

Be responsible

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