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[IP] low sugar stories

OK OK, I have always reacted violently to those horribly negative
representations of hypoglycemic episodes on TV and in film - such as Julia
Roberts in Steel Magnolias.  But after hearing you guys...makes me wonder if I
better reconsider.  I have never had anything like these  hilarious
situations...although, I have BLAMED erratic or obnoxious behavior on low
blood sugar when i thought I could get away with it.

You guys are koo koo!  but I loves most of ya anyway...i am beginning ot have
my doubts about certain fouler-mouthed-and blunter-than-ME people

But seriously, what is the point of wearing this medic alert bracelet when
people IGNORE it?  I have ruined many a fashion statement in black velvet by
not taking the ugly steel bracelet off, and I can't afford the 18K gold one!

It scares me!  I live alone!  I rely on this little bracelet!  The day before
I left for Chicago, where I ended up in ER for my appendix, I was walking to
work, cramped over, in serious pain, and walked by 3 cops in cars and 2 on
horses on my way to the office.  I leaned on a wall every 100 feet or so...do
you think ONE of htem came to my aid or even noticed me - and I work IN Times
Square - a rather busy part of New York!!  HA.  Guess I need to be foaming at
the mouth or thowing food items at people to get them to see me.

*-)=B xoxx
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