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[IP] unbelievable Hgb A1Cs

Someone (don't know who) wrote:
> I've seen some people here with absolutely unbelievable Hgb A1Cs.  They are
as close to perfection as I've ever seen!   

It is JUST a number...and an average one at that - it takes all the highs and
all the lows, so it doesn't really mean anything.  A very goood one can mean a
person is just WILDLY swinging, going to 405 and then 45 on a regular basis -
just canceling each other out...kinda like when my parents vote - one votes
Dem, the other votes Rep.

> I don't know how the rest of us feel about a non-endo.  

One of the best doctors I ever had was a General doctor on the staff at the
University of Colorado Medical Center in Boulder when I was a freshman.  He
was AWESOME!  He understood how my veins sucked and rolled and would
personally  do my blood draws, using a baby butterfly - he explained what all
those numbers meant on my CBC and the other tests, adn at the tme I had Graves
Disease so I was being tested alot.  I was so bummed when I moved to
California...but surprise surprise, I found another real good one at UC Santa
Barbara.  Now these guys were not endos, and probably knew NOTHING aobut
glucose monitoring or pumps (this was back in the 80s), but I sure felt better
TALKING to them than to any other doctor I'd ever had.  I know if I had wanted
to talk meters adn A1cs and basal rates, they would have listened 

Sara - who is losing patience with the endo who she thought was so amazing
when she was strapped to a hostpital bed, but who is turning out to be just
like all the rest...
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