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Re: [IP] Enjoying the list

> I would like 
> to talk to someone on how to sit down and 4 pieces of pizza and not have 
> the high sugars several hours later. I know their is a way to do it with 
> bolus and temporary basal rate. The only books I have is the ones that I 
> got with my pump(minimed506) 

First, read the Square-Wave-Bolus-HOWTO on the HOWTO page of our 
website so you know how to do this with a 506. My daughter has a 506 
going on 4 years now and it is quite easy to do a square wave, just 
requires a little simple math.

The biggest problem with pizza is figuring out the carbs. Keeping a 
record of prior 'eatings' and always eating the same pizza while you 
are sorting out the method will help a lot. It makes a big difference 
what kind of insulin you use - Humalog or regular. The fundamental 
problem is that pizza digestion stretches over  5 to 7 hours or so 
(best guess). The trick is to match the insulin release with that 
digestion curve by using a square bolus for 2 to 3 1/2 hours 
(depending on the insulin type). Bolus some first like a third to a 
half and stretch the rest over the remaining time. For Humalog, make 
sure the last of the insulin goes in at least 2 hours before the 
expected end of the digestion cycle. Make that 4 hours for regular. 
Otherwise, you can expect a low later.

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