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[IP] low BS #10

    I shall start my countdown.  I haven't really had the time to rank
these but almost all of them are good.  They, of course, are funny now
but as we all know NOT while it is happening or what COULD HAVE
happened?!?!?  I actually have them titled too!!!
                                #10 - Blood in the Hotel Room.
I was on vacation with my family and of course during the night had a
nasty LOW.  Woke up to mother and grandmother wrestling me - I winning
of course!!  Grandma had bruises for weeks afterwards :-(  The funny
part is them trying to force RED Hi-C down my throat!!!!  I spit it all
over them, all over the bed, all over the room!!!!  When I finally came
"out of it" my entire family looked like I had hacked them with an
ax!!!!!!  The bed was RED, The carpet in the room was RED, My family
clothes and skin were RED!!!!!!!!!!  The whole day I kept saying..."I
killed you all, oh my god!"  When we left later in the morning I had to
write a BIG note to leave for the maids - "THIS IS NOT BLOOD IT IS
HI-C!!!!"  and I left a note at the front desk specifically for the
maids!!!  Now we use ORANGE HI-C it doesn't stain!!!!!!!!!!  :-)  Stay
tune for the next episode of  Tonya's LOW BS
adventures!!!!!                Tonya D.   :-)

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