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Re: [IP] Endos


Sounds to me like your A1c is pretty decent. I wish my recent ones were
that good ;-) You understand what gets your BGs off track, so you're
farther ahead than many people.

Sounds like your current endo is *very* busy, as well as pretty demanding.
Or, is she demanding because she's too busy to spend time listening? That's
difficult, and I'm not sure what to suggest. Some patients think it's
better to trade in the "expert" who can't listen and work with them for a
doctor who's considered less of an "expert" in a particular area, but has
time to listen, work and learn with the patient. Those relationships seem
to be healthier in the long run. Some folks on the list have had to teach
their doctor about pumps, but ended up with a real good team mate / advocate.

I know many folks who don't consult an endo for their diabetes and pump
management. You may have some other options if you expand your search a bit
to include non endos (but do look for a doctor who is willing to listen and
work *with* you).

I wish my BG levels were 120 every day, all day long, but they aren't -
sometimes far from this ideal level. I have some good stretches, punctuated
by some periods of real variability. I envy those users I've spoken to who
have rock steady BGs, no problems with changes in their routines, and A1c
levels in the 5.x range. It's frustrating, but I need to be realistic. My
diabetes just doesn't seem to work like that - it often doesn't behave when
I want it to, it doesn't listen when I scream at it ;-(

Though I don't have the complications which folks traditionally refer to, I
wonder if this variability with my stubborn body is "my own complication" -
maybe it's the price I pay for years of not being too careful.

There are days I get "screaming mad" with frustration. I can't understand
why my bod is not responding the way that "the experts" say it should. Why
can't I hit the target which the "experts" say we all should hit? That's
when I need to "soften my focus" a little bit, and try to broaden the
context I'm using to evaluate myself. I re evaluate my target, and if
necessary, back off a bit on my goal temporarily. The more critical I
become of myself, the more faults I seem to find. That nasty beast feeds on
itself, and it can become consuming. It doesn't do a dang bit of good for
my management.

Did you try contacting the pump companies to see about doctors in your
area? By the way, call *both* pump vendors. You might find you get
different references from each one ;-) Another resource I've used is the
AMA "Physician Finder". Looks like there are about 10 "specialists" in
Idaho. The one that caught my eye was Theodore Roosevelt (no kidding). The
URL for this page is: http://www.ama-assn.org/aps/amahg.htm. I've been able
to expand my search by calling docs on a list, chatting with the
receptionist who often knows of others who might not be on the list for one
reason or another. Hoping that things work out for you ;-)

Bob Burnett

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