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[IP] being held hostage (was hey occifer...)

<<  But ya know, I have often wondered what would happen if I did do something
 > naughty and got arrested. >>

Do you all remember the hostage crisis in Iran during the early 80's?  Six
Americans were held hostage for several years, among them, the now well-known
Terry Anderson.  One of the hostages was from my home town, so we got a good
dose of news locally on the subject. He was among the last three to be

A third hostage had type 1 diabetes.  I read an interview with him after he
was released.  Apparently, he was able to communicate to his captors that he
had diabetes and needed insulin.  They brought him syringes and a bottle of
insulin but he had no means to do any blood testing and of course, you can
imagine that the diet was "less than ideal".  They would bring him sodas if he
went low, after his fellow hostages yelled and screamed for the guards.  These
men (the other hostages) really helped him look out for his health.  I
remember him telling of having to BEG for a new bottle of insulin when the old
one ran out.  The guards wanted him to use every last drop in the bottle
before they would bring him a new one.  He was not the first to be released,
but was released earlier than some of the others, probably due to health
concerns.  I think the guards got tired of having to deal with the diabetes.
Anyway, when the doctors examined him afterwards, they found that he was,
amazingly, in pretty good shape; despite not being able to test his blood and
only guess at his insulin needs for so long.  (I think it was well over a
year, but I don't remember the exact length of time.)

I remind myself of this man when I get discouraged about the day to day
drudgery of diabetes care.  It could be worse...

Mary Jean
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