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[IP] about my step daughter (Rachel-13)

Hi! This is to Renee and to Michael

I wanted to let you know that I would love to get Rachel on an insulin 
pump, but I am only the step-mom. I feel like my hands are tied. My 
husband said we will talk it over again with her mother. I guess 
Rachel's doctor didn't want her to have one for a while. Apparently they 
want her to get a good feel of how to manage it with the shots first. I 
don't understand why. Her grandma is also a Diabetic type 1. I have 
talked to her about the pump also. But I guess she is afraid of change. 
My Grandfather is also a type 1 Diabetic but I honestly don't think he 
could handle all of the mechanisms and dealing with a pump. He has had a 
stroke and has a hard time remembering things. He doesn't write his 
sugars down or anything. He does have really good sugars though. His 
doctor put him on some drug with his insulin. I can't remember what it 
is called, but it evidently makes your insulin work better for you or 
something like that. Anyway, Rachel lives with her mother full time in 
UT and I guess what she says goes. Her mother does have the internet and 
I've been tempted to send her the insulin pumpers homepage. I am kind of 
new to the internet and am not sure if that is considered spam or not. I 
don't mean to be so long winded... thanks for your concerns. Sorry it 
took so long to get you answered back. I am still not sure how to reply 
to this list. Is it o.k. to send messages to the e-mail listed on the 
messages? Annette

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