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[IP] Enjoying the list

Hi! I just wanted to let everyone know how much I like this list! This 
is the first time I've posted to it. I have gotten quite a few 
laughs(not about pumping, but amusing). There are a lot a messages that 
are really helpful from some knowledgable people.(alcohol,your liver and 
BGs). Then their are the eye openers(Debbie's eyes)Some have even given 
me a few tears(hail hail). I can't believe how much reading I have done! 
I feel like I am part of a family of all Diabetics. It's like being back 
at camp. I wished I had this available to me when I was first Diagnosed 
18yrs ago. And it would have been real useful when I was pregnant. I 
don't feel like I have any good doctors around here that know more about 
how my body reacts to things than I do. So I have been doing it all by 
myself for so long. I have never talked to other Diabetics on questions 
or for their experiences. This will be so great! I eat sweets all the 
time. I just give extra bolus. Is this wrong? I will admit I have more 
energy and am not as stress out if I am not eating sweets. I would like 
to talk to someone on how to sit down and 4 pieces of pizza and not have 
the high sugars several hours later. I know their is a way to do it with 
bolus and temporary basal rate. The only books I have is the ones that I 
got with my pump(minimed506) Also how hard is it to get your insurance 
to cover another pump(507). I have only had this one for about 2 yrs. 
Sorry for rambling on so much..guess I needed to get a few things out. 
Is this considered venting?:-) I have read everything that has come out 
on the digest. You are all so interesting to read about! Keep 
smiling!!!And take care..you can email me personally if you would like 
to chat..Annette Sines (Mom of Dylan-4 and Caleb-1)

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