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[IP] good one

I can relate to these stories, I will give you one of my best of late.
B.P. (before pump) I would have lows in the night while asleep, and I
was coming out of a low with a hazy light circling around two forms, and
radios with static and msg.  I though they were aliens, and they weren't
going to get me in their spaceship! fought all three of them off. 
Luckily they won.  I don't like having strangers in my bedroom, but I
have also seen purple afro haired, magicians in there at times.  What
the imagination comes up with huh?
Also, on another note, I had a boss who said his motherinlaw cured her
diabetes by drinking a fifth of 100proof Vodka.  I always thought that
was funny, but now with the eplanation of what it does when
administered, I can see how that could be skewered to her belief. 
Bazaar, to say the least.  Laurie B.
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