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[IP] Re: Jail house rock

> PS.... luckily not all police officers are ignorant of diabetes issues.
>Mine has intervened in a number of frightening situations to which he has
>been called - reminding family members on the scene of glucagon.  <wonder
>how he knows about THAT(!)>  <BIG WINK!!>  ;)

Unfortunately, some health care workers are still ignorant of diabetic
problems. I remember back in my hippie days with long hair and all, I was
taken to a hospital in SEVERE insulin shock. My father (a diabetic) had to
argue for about 30 minutes with a doctor that all I needed was a glucose
injection; I was not strung out on some strange drug, just insulin. They had
me strapped to a stretcher, and when the doctor was finally convinced, I saw
him approach holding the syringe, and it appeared as the Shining Cross of
Salvation. It was truly a religious experience.

I don't ever want to have that kind of reaction again.

George Lovelace
On the poor man's pump now, Ultralente and carb counting for Humulog

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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