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[IP] re: jail-house rock!

>> before I knew the real meaning of life 
>Do ya know now?  Can you fill me in, cuz I sure haven't found the answer.

Anyone ever read "Embraced By The Light" by Bettie Eadie?  Or "The
Celestine Prophecy" and "The Tenth Insight"??  Or any of Richard Bach's
books - "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"; "Illusions"; "One"; "Running from
Safety".... all are interesting *life philosophies* - odd places for
answers, I know, but good reading just the same. :)

	Oh, & Sara..... getting arrested is most definately NOT good for diabetes
self-management.  I asked my husband (police officer) who said that the
pump would most definately be taken away due to risk of
"suicide/self-harm".  He says if I/you/any of us are ever arrested we
should immediately inform the police officers that the pump is a constant
infusion of "medication to sustain our life". In most cases (except
Missouri I guess!), they don't take chances with medical needs... BUT then
they would have to take me/us to the emergency room to receive medically
administered insulin injections.  (*LOL*!)  Just what you wanted to hear!
The moral of the story (& so to it seems after hearing Randall's jailhouse
story) - don't get arrested.  And IF YOU DO... be sure to inform them of
your medical needs!
	PS.... luckily not all police officers are ignorant of diabetes issues.
Mine has intervened in a number of frightening situations to which he has
been called - reminding family members on the scene of glucagon.  <wonder
how he knows about THAT(!)>  <BIG WINK!!>  ;)


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