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[IP] Low blood sugar festivities

Hello All,

Although it was not my first low blood sugar it was the strangest. 
After being put on the pump, a Thursday, the weekend and Relay for 
Life came. This is a twenty four hour walk to raise money for cancer. 
About three in the morning some friends and I were on the field 
playing frisbee. After coming back to our tent to check my blood 
sugar it was 57, not to low, only I could not feel any symptoms. I 
have read about pump users not feeling there blood sugars drop, but I 
didn't think it would happen to me, right? Well after forcing carbs.. 
the next twelve hours to maintain a decant BS, also adjusting my basil 
rate, it hit. We were packing up our site when I noticed my vision 
was a little strange. I checked my BS and it was 27. I almost choked. 
I did not have the shakes nor was I nervous as in the past with low 
sugars. For the next two days I was checking my sugars every hour. 
Now, I feel more comfortable, but what a learning experience.

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