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[IP] Fwd: 6 weeks be for blast off dew date is july 9th

instant message add is lcarmic553 os please send me message at any time 

-- BEGIN included message

hi everyone 
how is yall will we are doing real good baby and i are still hear went to the
drs to day and both said that we are doing real good endocrinologist said that
my bllod suger and real good and all lab was real good to she said that this
pump help my pregnancy have small amout of trouble and trouble free pregnancy
so far 
and the ob dr said that the baby was doing real good and i have 6 weeks to go
if i have not gone into labor by july 9th he will induce me july is the dew
date  baby is just about turn for birth he is still active most of the time i
miss LEE  so  much now and  but i know he is looking down and i know he is in
my heart and i feel his sprit in me and and the love he had fo me iam feeling
down now  i woke up last night craying  i need your suport now and my family
is hear now and that is helping  i have yall out there and with pumper like
yall i can make it iam going to lay down 
is the next chat saturday at 9pm if so let me know  
love lisa instant  message add is email @ redacted iam on the web 
                                        love lisa 

-- END included message