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Re: [IP] Alcohol, your liver and BGs

Darci wrote:
> John...you did a very good job of explaining that.  My understanding of why
> alcohol plays such havoc with your blood sugar has to do with the fact that
> there are so many "empty carbs" that they are used up fast, thus raising your
> bg, then they are gone, so your blood sugar drops.  I don't know if that makes
> any sense, but that is how it was explained to me before I left for college.
> :)


Surely that can't be the whole story. Firstly, many alcohol drinks
contain little carbohydrate (dry white and red wines, pils beer, whisky,
gin and diet tonic etc), and yet these can still "do things" to the bg.
Secondly, the "havoc" is often different from what other empty carbs

I suppose one "pump strategy" for drinking on an empty stomach would be
to do a cautious bolus for carbs if there are any, whilst reducing the
basal substantially (perhaps with a temp basal) until most of the
alcohol is out of your system. Clearly frequent testing would be needed
to keep an eye on things. These strategies weren't really available
before pumps and Humalog.

At the end of the day, perhaps alcohol just does random things to your
metabolism as a whole, and regular testing with a slightly raised target
is the best strategy :-/

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