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Re: [IP] The other side of the perfect endo (it's from Bob, so it's long ;-))

John Huff wrote:
> Can anyone tell me about DBI ( Phenformin )? 

Sure, it got pulled off the market in '75, which is why I stopped taking
it. Unfortunately several people died from it's affect on the liver, but (I 
think) this was before there were such good tests for liver conditions, and 
the knowledge that they are necessary.

Phenformin has been replaced by a related drug, Metformin (which you've probably
heard about here). Same end results with less side effects. It's being used for
some Type 1;s in what looks like a real familiar scheme to me.............

 My BGs are in *terrible*
> shape, but weren't *too* bad when I went to my internist this AM ( fasting
> BG - 116; HbA1c - 8.4, the lowest I've *ever* measured: 9.1 < A1c < 9.7
> before ).  Perhaps your DBI can control my BGs better?

Not exactly, but Metformin (Glucophage) may. I took it in combination with 
ONLY a medium slow insulin known as Globin, which has also disappeared for
lack of market. Lente or NPH are reasonably close to the timing of Globin, so
one of them would be the thing to try with it.

Mind you I took NO fast insulin, such as R, in the this regimen. Sounds 
strange, but it worked great for me! Who knows, maybe I have always had
some insulin resistance, or perhaps that was a result of using animal source 
insulins, all that we had in the '60s.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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