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RE: [IP] made me feel happy!

I know exactly what you're saying...my sister told me (after I got my pump, mind you..) that I always looked like walking death. and that I now look healthier than ever....I've never taken it the wrong way...anyone who knows me has seen the change...my whole personality changed, for the better, I'd like to think.....keep up the great work..and keep feeling GREAT...I think that WE ALL deserve it!!!!!!


Hello all,
    Still waiting to hear MORE low blood sugar stories and then I'll
relate my top 8 ones...BUT...wanted to tell everyone the recent
"self-esteem booster" I got today!  I have been long-term substituting
as an elementary guidance counselor this year and I went to visit the
first school I was at this year.  As I was talking to the counselor I
had replaced (due to emergency surgery she had) she stops me in the
middle of our conversation and says,  "I just want to tell you that you
look wonderful!!!"  I was really confused but said thank you and then
had to ask what she meant.  She said, "Well, I didn't know until after
you left that you were a diabetic.  You are such a strong and determined
young lady.  You never let the diabetes get the best of you it seems".
(I wanted to interject a few things in between but I let her finish)
She then says,  "But recently I can see a difference in you.  At a few
of the city-wide guidance meetings you looked good but worn and pale and
well, almost sickly" (I knew what she meant so I didn't get offended as
some might)  But you have a glow now - you seem healthIER!"  I am
relaying this message because I cannot STILL wipe this smile off my
face.  It is the pump and my desire to control this flippin' disease.  I
for the longest time (a month now) have been yearning for the GREAT
feeling a lot of you guys keep talking about...I was actually kind of
MAD that I couldn't get there.  I'M THERE!!!!!!!!!  A lot more people at
that school commented on how much more energetic I look now!!!!  I was
happy and wanted to share.  I've been staying around 100 this whole
week  :-)                  -Tonya D.

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