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No Subject

Okay I will add my favorite "funny low story" to the list...no this is not
the one where I walked into a plate glass window trying to find a
phone...(didn't break anything including the glass however)...I was really
low when my husband came home late at night, and he tried to wake me to
drink something, and I figured since I was up, I needed to travel to the
basement to find SOMETHING (?)...I went down there in the pitch dark, was
stumbling around, sweating like a pig, and my husband came running
downstairs with a huge glass of chocolate milk, demanding that I drink it
and asking what the heck I was doing in the dark in the basement...well he
looked so FUNNY all mad like that, and he was YELLING so loudly at me, I did
the only obvious thing! Threw that chocolate milk all over him...well of
course I couldn't clean it up, I was a total wreck, so cursing at me, he was
cleaning it all up when I was finally drinking the O.J. I really wanted...I
still laugh when somebody brings it up! sometimes you just HAVE to laugh...

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