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Re: [IP] crystal's cheesecake

> Crystal wrote:
> > I want to grab a piece of Cheesecake, and there are really bad days when 
> > I do, and regret the act when I am sittingin my restroom on the floor 
> > moaning from being so dehydrated.  
> No no no Crystal!!!  IT is not a BAD day!  It is a GOOD day!  You can eat 
> all the damn chhesecake you want!  You just have to know how much to bolus 
> for it!  That is the whole POINT of using the pump!!!
Heck, Lily eats cheesecake. It's one of her favorite desserts. A heck 
of a lot easier than a big piece of cake. She limits her cake 
intake to about 50 - 60 grams at a time.
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