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[IP] Debbie - Vitrectomy

Hi Debbie!

I will try to answer your questions - remember, as always, YMMV and everyone
is different and your doc may do things completely differently than mine...so
here goes.  (posted to group with Debbie's permission cuz some of this may be
of interest to others)

>  i don't know what i can expect afterwards.  Could you see again? 

When I came out of the recovery and was moved into a room, I had a patch on
both eyes cuz they didn't want me to move them.  My sister , and then my CDE
and then my mom were there and read the number from my meter to me and I told
them how much insulin to bolus.  That night I was able to take the patch off
the fgood eye, and kinda peeked in the bathroom under the patch...don't do it.
it is pretty yukky and scary

I wore that patch for about a week - changed it daiy - put drops and gook in
my eye and had a followup I think like one week later, then 2 weeks after that
or something - I dont remember being in there a lot though.

>  You spoke of double vision from your vitrectomy, is this permanent?

After the vitrectomy my vision in that eye seemed kinda "dirty"  like I was
looking htru a plastic shower curtain, and what I could see was blurry.  I was
told about 6 weeks after the surgery that I had a cataract adn that was why it
was cloudy.  I had the V in June and in Sept I had the cataract removed.  So,
I had the done.  I had a new lens put in, so now I can pretty much see
distance things, but for some reason, they have a shadow, or double.  It IS
20/20 vision - when I get checked, as LONG as I use that little pin hold
thing.  I will sometimes make a tunnel with my hand to read a sign or
something that is long off, especially now that my "good" eye is full of blood
and can't see anything.

I WAS near sighted in both eyes,but now, with the new lens in my left - I am
far sighted - so that eye is no good for reading or cross stitch unless I wear
a bifocal, but my right eye (when it is not full of blood, is still near
sighted, so I normally use that eye to read and embroider - get it?  kinda
like having two different sets.  It gives me a head ache sometimes, but can be
handy....except when it is bleeding...

  Neither of my retinas have detached either, fortunately, and so far the
bleeding has stayed away from my macula, which I guess is good too.  I have
not (knock on wood) had any more bleeds in my vitrectomied eye.  Every doctor
who has ever looked at it says it looks great, fine, whatever.  My iris is a
little lop sided and permanently dilated about midway, but i think thast is
due to the cataract and the butcher nutcase who did that (Dr. Groom in Ft.

I had a HUGE bleed on wednesday last week, only 2 weeks after my latest laser.
I am so bummed!   She said I still have room for more lsaer, but how much
more?  I have had probably 12 on this eye in the last 3 years!  I have lost

I guess as long as the body continues to absorb the blood they dont need to do
the vitrectomy, but this is hell, debbie, as you well know.  I just dont know
if I want two eyes like my left one.  The peripheral vision is gone - I bump
into things ion my left side adn people sneak up on me a lot (not intending to
of course.)  When I drive, I literally have to do the exorcist thing to see if
anyone is over there before i change lanes...

>  can still see light with it so i am so scared that if the vitrectomy made
>  the eye he was doing it on even worse then i would see absolutely nothing.

As far as I understand it, the vitrectomy will only IMPROVE your vision.  It
will clean all the blocking blood out and put nice clear saline in there
instead.  They will laser the heal out of your retina and make sure it is good
and attached, so no more pulling bleeds.  You may not be eagle eyes, but you
will see.  It is fairly common and well accepted by medical professionals. so
dont be scared.  Seeing thru a dirty shower curtain is 100 times better than
just seeing light, and you may not develop a cataract so who knows!  I am
hopeful and confident that your surgery will be a success!!! Then, see about
the other eye.

>  I met with the anesthiologist??? guy who will put me to sleep this morning


>  the plan is as follows:  i can eat nothing after 5:30 on
>  friday and drink nothing after 8:30.   we have to be at the hospital at 12
>  and my surgery is at 1:30.  they want me between 150-200 going into the
>  surgery and then i will just be on my basal of .4 during the surgery which


>  they will check my blood sugar every half
>  hour and they will do what needs to be done, either glucose or insulin.

How about once you are out of the surgery?  Will you have someone in recovery
with you who you trust with the pump?  Does the anesthesia guy know how much
insulin lowers you X points?  is he gonna do it via pump or via IV?  Ask him
if he would consider doing it on the pump, since you KNOW what the results
will be if the insulin is delivered that way and you dont, if it is given in
the IV - just a suggestion.

>  he could be right outside the operating room and they would come out every
>  half hour when they check my sugars and make sure that he agreed with what
>  they thought they should do.


>  Sara, is there anything else that you can tell me that you think I should
>  know?

It is scary, and it is OK to let everyone know how you feel.  it sounds like
you have a great team - one that is prepared the way you need them to be, and
a supportive, intelligent husband.  Your physical self is ready for this.
Psych up Debbie.  You may only need bifocals to type next week and NOT the
text reader, and I for one, am SOOOOOOOOO happy for you.  

So, in the words of South park's Cartman...KICK ASS!!!

Love, Sara
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