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Re: [IP] Endos

Someone else will give you guidance on how to find a better endo for you.  I
fired the guy that put me on the pump.  I couldn't stand him. It took me about
7 mo. to find a new one, and it was well worth it.  Bottom line....You don't
pay anyone to tell you that you're a BAD DIABETIC.  I really hate that.  None
of us are perfect.  Although, in this forum that is questionable.  I've seen
some people here with absolutely unbelievable Hgb A1Cs.  They are as close to
perfection as I've ever seen!  The point is, don't pay anyone to insult you.
Don't pay anyone that won't listen to you.  It takes a special doctor to fit
your needs, but he is out there.  Talk to fellow pumpers in your state and
find out if there is one endo closer to you.  I don't know how the rest of us
feel about a non-endo.  Some areas just don't have access to endos at all, and
they do alright. Good luck.  The only other thing I can think of is to speak
frankly with your endo about how she makes you feel.  What's the worst thing
that can happen?  Will she fire you?  Who cares.  
Judy P.
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