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Re: [IP] top this one...

Tonya.I can't top your story as far as it me funny but....Once, when driving
back from Chicago one night, a big burly cop saw my stopped car at the
interstate.  At first he was just wondering if I needed help.  I had a needle
out, all the paraphenalia we carry as diabetics (meter).  I was in the process
of checking what I thought might be a reaction and didn't want to get on the
toll road like that.  As soon as he saw the needle on the seat (all my
supplies were visible, as I dumped everything out of the case), he reached for
his gun and asked me to get out of the car.  Here I am, 5'2", 115 lbs, such a
threat, you know.  I said to him "before you get all excited would you like to
look at my insulin vials first or would you rather arrest me now, then take me
to the emergency room?  It's up to you."  He was embarassed, but mostly he was
one of those bullies.  We've all run into them.  He never apologized or asked
if I would be ok.  He just let me go.  To tell the truth, though, usually in
these situations the cops have bent over backwards to help me. In fact, once
they insisted on calling an ambulance, even though I assured them that I had
already treated a low of 50.  The ambulance came, rechecked my blood sugar.
It was already 74 but the cop insisted on driving my car home from the
expressway while the EMT's drove me  home by ambulance.  Believe me.  My
family freaked when they saw the ambulance pull up in front of the house.
Some people  are so very caring.  I couldn't thank them enough.
Judy P.
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