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[IP] PLEASE don't copy the entire digest when you respond!

Hello everyone,

This morning someone sent a message to the list in WORD 6.0 format.  It
appears that the sender copied the entire digest which was sent out last
night, intending to respond to one part of it.  I am unable to determine who
the sender is, so I'm sending this note to all of you.  Whoever you are, you
will need to try to send it again.

PLEASE, PLEASE!! When you respond to the digest, highlight only the pertinent
portion in your reply and CHANGE THE SUBJECT LINE so that it gives a clue
about the message being replied to.  Not like this: "Re: insulin-pumpers-
digest # xxxx".

The message sent this morning was "bounced" because it was too long.  This
happens when you copy the entire digest into your reply.

Mary Jean 
IP mail list administrator "of the week"
(and the rest of the IP mail admins.)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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