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Re: [IP] top this one...

Great Story, was the Mexican Restuarant Ninfas or Papasitos? Any way....Here
is my story.... While in my office at work, I had one of those"Low Blood Sugar
Episodes".. Needless to say I passed out on my desk, insulin toolkit
underneath me. Approximately 2 hours later, my staff came in thinking I had a
heart attack and called 911. After sending the air helicopter, the Sherrifs
department came and saw my needles. They then thought I was a drug addict and
went into my pockets, got my car keys and started searching my car ( Im still
unconcious on my desk). The paramedics got there and saw my medic alert
necklace and she got me awake and into the ambulance, but not without giving
those cops a few choice words. Lets just say, I got a police escort to the
hospital and they were all there apologizing. Just a little story.

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