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Re: [IP] Endos

Laurie... I totally know what you mean about your endo.  I left my last one in
tears every time I went to see him. I was required to go to this endo by the
insurance company or they wouldn't approve my pump.  He was a pediatric endo
even though I was 17 when I got my pump, getting ready to leave for college in
Florida (I live in CA), and he was shining a light through my ear and
pretending it came out on the other side!!! To top that off, everything I told
him I wanted for myself was wrong in his eyes, and we had to do it his way.  I
stopped going to him the minute I got out of the hospital with my pump.  I now
only see a family practitioner that knows me VERY well, and rely on my very
knowlegable diabetic friends for my pump help.  I refuse to go back to a
doctor that can't respect my feelings and makes me feel worse about my
Hang in there and always trust your gut instinct!!
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