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[IP] additional info on alcohol...

	...or "how to bolus for that frozen strawberry daiquiri"... ;)  Nice
explanation, btw John!  When I received my pump, MiniMed had also included
a thin paperback book which I have found useful numerous times(!) called
"Counting Carbs - How To Zero In On Good Control".  There is a small but
invaluable section in there on alcohol (pg 16) which I will summarize for
those of you interested.  The bottom line is that there is no bolus needed
for the *alcohol content* of mixed drinks, wine, beer... & pure alcohol
itself (as explained so well in previous posts) increases the risk for
hypoglycemia.  Because of this it is good to be reminded NOT to drink on an
empty stomach.  But it IS the *carbohydrate* content of drinks that raise
the bloodsugar.... and this can vary CONSIDERABLY depending on what you are
drinking.   From the "Counting Carbs" book:
	>"One or two low carbohydrate alcoholic drinks (such as dry wine, bourbon
& water, or gin & diet tonic) can usually be added to the normal meal plan
with little effect on blood glucose.  Some alcoholic drinks such as sweet
wines, liquers, and drinks made with regular soda, syrup or fruit juice
such as margaritas <frozen STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI's !> and screwdrivers may
have CHO & will need to be counted.  You will probably need LESS insulin
for a given amount of CHO when you are drinking alcohol.  Bolusing for CHO
when drinking should be done very carefully beccuase of the extra
hypoglycemia risk associated with alcohol intake...... <not to mention>..
you might not be thinking clearly....  Here are just a few values for some
carbohydrate alcoholic drinks <as provided by the "CC" book>:

BEER (12oz)
	Miller Lite = 2.5 grams
	Michelob Lite = 12.5 grams
	Regular beer = 15 grams
	Bloody Mary (6oz) = 6 grams
	Screwdriver (6oz) = 16 grams
	Margarita * (8oz) = approx 30 grams	
    *estimate - some recipies made with heavier quantities of sugar
	Chardonnay (6oz) = 0
	Red Wine (6oz) = 0
	Champagne, brut (4oz) = 3.5 grams
	Zinfandel (6oz) = 4.5 grams
	Desert Wines, Muscatel (6oz) = 18 grams
Amazing(!) the variability in CHO amts, even between brands of beer for
example!  And wines as well, whether sweet or dry.  One last point to make
before ending.... I think that one of the best things that a parent of a
diabetic adolescent can do is to make sure this information is available &
understood by your child.  This is tough stuff - no one wants their kids to
drink, but we all know it can happen at some point... in highschool,
certainly in college, and sometimes long before.  Hopefully they choose NOT
to make this choice, but if they do... it should be safe.   I say this
because I too have seen the "not so nice side" of this... and I myself
growing up *somehow* escaped a diabetic tragedy by the skin of my teeth a
few times!  Wish I had the knowledge I have now....  
	Can our dietitians on the list add anything to this??  Jennifer in
Australia???  :)

Type 1 since age 15; MM507 11/97	

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