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Re: [IP] top this one...

While I was in the hospital getting introduced to my pump, another guy doing
the same told a story that had us on the floor laughing. Most of the humor was
in the telling of it and the fact that you had to laugh at the horror of it or
cry with self pity.

It involved him (a marathon runner), a mexican restaurant, no dinner, hypo
induced confusion, a four lane road and Houston's finest (over weight cops).

This guy (call him John) was working as a waiter at a popular mexican
restaurant. It was past his dinner time when he decided to check into La La
land. After wandering around the restaurant he stops at the tortilla machine
in the middle of the restaurant. He makes a great scene trying to catch
tortillas as they drop off a conveyor belt.

Then with several hundred dollars in his red apron, he walks out the door onto
a four lane road (each direction) with a tortilla in hand. Being in a very
busy area of town, it only takes a few minutes for the cops to arrive. The
problem comes in that John who is weaving in and out of traffic decides it's a
good time to run. Now, a Houston cop trying to catch a marathon runner in 90
degree heat and stopand go traffic had to be a sight to see.

Eventually, the hypo and four - five cop cars get the better of John and they
catch him. The needle marks on his stomach probably didn't help much either.
He put up a good fight as they drilled him about drugs. Finally John comes
round (the tortilla kicking in) hand-cuffed and leg-strapped on the floor of
the cop car. He mutters diabetic and they go nuts stuffing brownies (a gift
from one of the cops wives) in his mouth. Of course, he ends up with sky high
sugars at the station.
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