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[IP] Endos

I really enjoy reading others posts about their endo.  I have a woman, I
travel over3 hours to see every 3 months.  I am not sure after my last
visit if this is a working relationship.  I work very hard at trying to
keep my tests in her"circle" of 140.  My A1c was 6.6, but I had days
where my tests bounce around, and then there were highs that seemed to
pop up, for whatever reason.  Sometimes this is my fault for
underestimating the bolus, and sometimes not.  I do not like low sugars,
or gulcagon shots.  I have had two times needed a glucagon in the early
a.m.s and this is not my way of a fun evening "out".  I was told that I
am not doing a good job, and that there should not be so much
flucuations in my tests!  I am trying to keep the test in range, but I
test and bolus to bring the test down and it comes down, so now when I
have a bad test, I don't record it for the plain fact that she will tell
me I'm a bad diabetic.  This is not a win win situation.  I don't know,
but do any of you have tests that run a perfect 120 (or whatever your #
is) all day? everyday?  I have tried eating the same meal, doing
everything the same for three days, two days of great #'s and then the 3
day is crazy........starts high, goes low, and then settles in by
bedtime.  I was supposed to see her in July, and then her receptionist
called to say that the appt was changed to a date in Aug., one I can't
make.  I told her that, and now the new date is Oct. 20!??  I think this
lady is just toooooo busy, and I need to change.  I am not sure of how
to attack this, since I would like to see someone closer, but there is
not an endo closer.  I have heard there is a Dr pro pump closer, but he
is not an endo.  I will need to see someone, but I would like to have a
good diabetes Dr, whatever the case may be.  Who or what do you call for
N.Idaho physicians reference?  Thanks, Laurie B.
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