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[IP] top this one...

    I agree...too funny.  Try this one though...I'm in the bathroom at a
Grateful Dead concert and fumbling with everything drop my bottle of
humalog and then the needle falls and goes rolling across the floor
under about 4 stalls?!?!?  I, drug-free as can be, except my insulin
and laughing but crying at the same time!!!!!  I'm standing there
outside the stall where the needle finally stopped rolling as this
stoned out of her mind female walks out and she hands me the needle.  I
stumble trying to explain it is only insulin...and she gives me this
unbelievable smile and says, "No problem dude, I won't tell anyone the
truth!"  Oh, too funny!!!!!!  Who has some really funny (at least now
that they are over) low blood sugar stories?????  I want to see if
anyone can top some of mine!!!!
                                           -Tonya D.   :-)

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