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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #345

Hello all,

I have been here for just a few days and am reading the digested version.
After reading at least four days worth I come away with some thoughts:

remember the Delete key.  

I have never heard a story about an "endo" that
had a happy ending.  To them we are all clinical cases to be treated
scientifically, as bodies without souls - IMHO.  I have a co-worker with
an endo friend that disagrees with me rather fiercely.  Try an internist
or GP or whatever they are called nowadays.

The internet is a wonderful place to hide yourself and also to find
someone, as well as to vent like all H and then turn off the computer.

I have been doing this diabetes thing for a while and know that whatever
happens to me it is up to me . . . .  I watched a friend deny her diabetes
and was dead after a mere 14 years.  Kind of woke me up, as it were, and
has kept me in view of the straight and narrow.  Not on it, just in view
of it, and I've been lucky.

Many have said we are in this together.  On the list, but in the harsh
reality of life, we are essentially alone in this.  Our loved ones do all
they can, that we allow them, but in the end, it is up to only one person.
And it sounds like most of you are doing pretty well with that person.

And you are right.  It sucks!  But I am stuck with it so I am going to try
to make the best I can of it, or it will win.  Even when I am scraping the
bottom of the barrel. or ice cream box. whatever. 

I hope I have not offended with all this nonsense.  Perhaps this is my way
of venting to someone that has a clue.  Finally.  

Tomorrow is the last day of the first week on the pump.  So far . . . .

Don Francisco

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