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Re: [IP] losing sight of our goals

   You brought up lots of valid points. Since you mentioned Melissa, thought
I'd share with everyone a "cut & pasted" excerpt from a mom in California
who'd contacted me when she read about my daughter's problems at another
website. Her 16 yr old son was facing similar problems, although not yet at
the same level of proteinuria as Melissa.  Her doc's solution was to restrict
this foot-ball playing teenager's protein intake!! DUH...I encouraged her to
consult with an adult nephrologist, which she did, and not surprisingly he
recommended Vasotec for her son. Here's part of her e-mail to me today:

     5.  He was very positive about the steps we can take to "protect" this
vital organ and since we have found the proteinuria early, we are that much
ahead of the game.  It is the people who sit around for 20 years with no
symptoms and finally show up at the office with 30% renal function that are
the statistics.  He feels the upcoming diabetic population has a whole
different handle on the disease.
6.  Bottom line is after screwing around with 3 different endos telling me
nothing, I have a good doctor who is paving a path for us to follow and giving
us some direction.  That's all I was asking for...the rest we just have to
deal with on a day to day basis.

   Pretty much the same philosophy Sara's advocating...as I keep reiterating,
"Knowledge is Power"...If your doc's locked in a "power play" with you,
claiming to "hold" all the knowledge, then methinks that's a good reason to
look for answers elsewhere.....

Regards, Renee
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