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[IP] Not about pumping, but amusing.

I'm a teenager, and have had this disease now for a while, (8 years).  I
was once driving, after stopping for mcdonalds dinner...(I was still on
shots) and I pulled over cause I realized I forgot to take my medication.
So I find a nice peice of shoulder away from stuff, and pull over.  It was
getting dark out, so I turned the flashers on, lest some moron drive into
me cause "he didn't see me there"...after all there was a turn about 75 yds
in front of me.  So I get out the shots, and I have it drawn up, when a car
stops behind me...and turns on a set of police lights.  The police had seen
me on the side of the road and wanted to see if I was ok...but things took
a turn for the worse (or funnier) he approaches the car, with his little
flashlight, -- i'm paniced cause this just can't look good, -- teenager,
side of road, friday night, needles....
well he says "everything ok?" simultaniously shining the flashlight into
the car, upon seeing the needles and various drug parephenalia in my lap,
proceeds to draw and ask me to step out of the vehicle.  Well I didn't
argue with a 9mm pointed at me, I got out, knowing full well this was gonna
be a little hard, after being frisked he asked if I consented to a search
of the vehicle, I asked  him why, quickly without stopping explaining the
needles with the fact i'm a diabetic, and showing the id tag on my neck, he
stopped, looked at me, got *real* red in the face, appogized profusly (I
hammed it up acting mad -- really at this point I was ammused-- I took his
badge number, etc etc, never did anything to him afterwards though) and
went on about his merry way.

Somehow I thought that is a funny story to share, and in a twisted way,
another reason pumps are better than shots... you don't get mistaken for a

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