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[IP] Sue

sue please - re-read Wendy's post..I too almost deleted after I read the
sentence "the list is not the place to vent...", but if you keep reading, you
find she DOES seem to support you and the rest of us and the power of the
vent.  I have decided this was just a type and the sentence you refer to
should read:

<< Hi Darren, it's Wendy in Ontario, I just read your posting to
Sue......it was excellent, very well written, and totally right. Thanks, I too
believe that the pumper's list is [DELETE THE WORD NOT] the place to vent our
....Wendy >>

I seem to remember she goes on in her post to reiterate the validity of the
list and the benefits of venting, or maybe that was someone else, but i just
think you have over reacted a little to a possible typo.  I think we have all
given you alot of support - we have all expressed our care and concern during
your recent trauma and of course we will continue!  Speaking as one who DOES
use this list to vent, I take your last post about eating your cake, not
takingyour sugar and not taking your insulin as a very childish thing to do,
and to say it to us is like threatening suicide over the phone!  What can we
do?  We can't run over there and make you take your insulin - all we can do is
watch helplessly as you hurt yourself.  I guess it is kinda like a parent
feels when they tell a child not to do something and they do it anyway and the
oarent just has to wring his hands in despair.

I can certainly understand how you feel, and most assuredly empathize with
you, cuz I been there, done that, but you shouldn't feel so negative about the
list - the list is inanimate - like the pump - it is as human as you make it.
Take what works from here, delete the rest and if something bothers you...turn
the other cheek 

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