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[IP] Re: Feeling better?

Hey kids,
    You all feeling better today. I have been trying to keep up but have
been down myself and feeling really lousy too. Had some kind of bug and the
fluids were coming out every orifice! You know how bad that can be. On top
of that not being able to eat and trying to control the BG is rough. This is
one of the things that make it so hard to cope. . . .  .
    Sue, I hope and pray you have recovered and are feeling better now. . .
.huh? I for one feel that if you need to vent your frustrations about this
monkey we all have on our backs this is the perfect place to do it. If the
friends and family here can't handle it then who can? It is hard to read
sometimes because I have been there too and know how bad you are feeling. I
will listen to anything you want to say and if it is too bad then send it
directly to me at home. You can say nothing that I have not already said,
many times!
    As the old song says "We Always Hurt The Ones We Love". I know. I am not
giving you an excuse I am giving you a reason. This is one of the very bad
sides of diabetes. The only way you can help is to try your very best to
control your BG's. If this includes whipping up a batch of strawberry
shortcake and devouring it than that is your best. You do need to try and
calculate the amount of carbs and take the necessary amount of insulin for
it. This is what a "normal" body does when a "normal" person pigs out on
junk food. I guarantee you there is a syringe large enough to hold enough
regular insulin to cover the largest helping of shortcake. LOL
    After you get that out of your system get back on your normal course and
get leveled out so we can all benefit from your presence here. We all have
these times of regret and depression. It can not be helped except from
understanding and compassion. A good cry helps too sometimes.
    We all wish only the best for you and if you need to holler some more. .
. . go ahead, I'm listening.
    Someone else asked about Velosulin. . . .  .  I use it straight up and
have had very good luck with it. I do sidedress it at times with Humalog at
times. That is to say that if I have a high BG in the AM I will inject
humalog an hour before breakfast and by the time I have cooked breakfast the
200 will be 125 or so and the carbs I eat for breakfast will not compound
the high.
    That brings up another question. Who was saying their doctor did not
want them to use injections with the pump and why? I don't remember who
posted that but it seems it was recent????
    Wendy, you are just fine too. All is well. We can't let these feelings
get the best of us. We can cope.

Love ya'll

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to get over this bug!  :-(

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