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Hi Crystal --

>                    [ snip ]
> I think that I am a venter, and I am frustrated more than ever now.  I
> had to turn in 12 page research paper for a Comp Eng class at college
> here in Atlanta this past week and all the statistics are so sad and

Hang in there ... you may live with DM as long as I have.  <g>  It's not
"so"bad ... considering the alternative, now is it?

> depressing.  I have shed more tears in the past few weeks than ever in my
> life.  I don't know if those who read this are religious, and if not, I
> don't mean to offend anyone, but I try so hard to turn all my burdens to
> God and I am constanly looking for scripture to make me have hope.  But

My Buddhist teacher is always grinning ( 8-) )  Seems to be a "problem"
fordevout Buddhists.  They realize they are *part* of the entire world, and the
is *good*.  <g>

> lately I can only see all this dismay and I wonder why we must suffer?  I
> mean, isn't 17 years long enough to have to suffer a disease (or 2, or 8,
> or however many ever  years)?  I want to grab a piece of Cheesecake, and

You must "suffer a disease" because that's the way you *are*.  Live withDM as
long as I have, and you'll realize there's no "escape" from it.  There's
no reason for me to live so long, except I just may be prone to live so long
with it.  <g>

Perhaps, you've just got to *learn* what a "dose of cheesecake" will do to
you.  Just remember ... *don't* take that "dose of cheesecake," or you will
feel lousy.  <g>

Just be happy, as always...  And you sure don't *need* cheesecake to "be
happy."  <g>

BTW, this is the *place* to vent!

John Huff, Dayton OH
( type 1, dx @ 18 months, now 61 )
mailto:email @ redacted

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