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[IP] Good Endo In SLC


I need to find a GOOD Endo.  I live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.  

The Endo I am currently seeing is just not working out -- one minute he
promises something or does/says something and then a few days or weeks
later changes his attitude and does/says the opposite.  To top it off he
usually denies that the first thing was ever said/done.  I have proof on
my Voice Mail (saved messages) of such incidents.  I don't think this
particular Endo has a clue about how it feels to have diabetes, be on a
regimen of MDI, deal with varying BG's, etc.  He claims to be pro-pump. 
After talking to the pump company rep about him, and other local Endos,
I'm not too sure about that one either.

Anyway, if you know of a good Endo in my area, let me know.  I have IHC
(HMO) insurance that has already pre-approved the purchase of a pump for
me.  All I need now is the doctor's go ahead.


	... Sue  :-)

		If your Bible is in good shape ...
		Your life probably isn't!

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