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[IP] I love this list!

Hi, Guys!

I just have to say how much I love this list and how much it has helped (is
helping) me!  It is the best list I've ever participated in (and there have
been quite a few).  Believe me, the recent disagreements are very minor and
would not qualify as flames on other lists!

I am trying to keep up (and catch up) on my mail, but I can't seem to stop
posting questions, and then I get another 4 or 5 (or more!) great
responses.  So I consistently have about 50 messages I want to answer in my
inbox!  But I read *everything*.

Thanks for the recent round of advice about Silouhettes.  I will be trying
one again this weekend when I am not rushed or stressed.  On the basis of
all the good suggestions, I'm betting things will go much better.  This
seems to be "Week of the Sore Sets"--I'm on my 4th since Sunday!  Must be
the full moon or something . . .

Prayers to those hurting and my best to all!

--Laurel (Type 1 for 23 years; pumping with MM 507 since 5/15/98)

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